This game is born to give you the emotions of a real math race.
The match race is a particular kind of regatta where only two boats at the time are involved in a challenge. The particularity of match race is that you should navigate very close to your enemy in order to have same wind and sea conditions.
So the strategy is to stay close, even if you could ride faster: take the ride on different sides of the regatta field could lead to very unpredictable results!


You have total control of your boat: the helm (steering wheel) and the sail trim whinch that is used to ease or tight the sails.
You also have possibility to change sails and use the one that best fits the wind conditions.


iMatchRace is a self made game: I did it all alone... from boat/wind phisics model to the texture graphics, so i apologize in advance if something is not perfect as you expected, for any suggestion write to and i try to made the changes in the coming releases.

I'm a programmer of course, but i'm also a sailor, i tested the game with my bro and we had a lot of fun. I really hope you'll enjoy it. thanks