- How to play with BlueTooth

- How to play on Internet

How to play with BlueTooth

iMatchRace supports Bluetooth for playing game while you are near to your friend.
You should use Bluetooth instead of Internet game modality each time you are close to the other device because of:

As a matter of fact, bluetooth connection is less easy to be managed, you have to activate and search for other devices that have to accept your request (this process some times fails)

While establishing first connection, keep devices as closer as possible!!

after the connection is established, you can even turn away devices about 10m.

How to play on Internet

iMatchRace supports game playng on intenet.
There are several game servers in the United States and in Ireland. Iv'e tested Playng from Italy and UK on a server in Atlanta US and the latency is acceptable. The game is fluid enough. Of course you should have a good internet connection. I've also tested playing with 3G mobile network and it goes fine. Please note that:

In order to play a game on line, one of the two player must create a game and the other must join the game.

Creating the game is very easy, you push the button "Create Challenge" and in a matter of milliseconds you get back a GamePIN Number. You must send this Number to the player you want to challenge, you can do it as you like, via sms, iMessage, Mail or Social Network.

Player A:

Note: if you don't use the GamePIN for a while, it expires and you have to create a new one.

Player B:

Note: if you quit the game and then back, you will be prompted with the possibility to RESUME the game. Some instability could occur...(i.e. The count down does not starts, ecc)