What's a Match Race?

The Match Race is a particular kind of regatta where only two boats at the time are involved in a challenge. The particularity of match race is that you should navigate very close to your enemy in order to have same wind and sea conditions.

The strategy is to stay close, even if you could ride faster: take the ride on different sides of the regatta field could lead to very unpredictable results!

Why I'm not able to lower Spinnaker?

The Spinnaker, as in real life, can be downloaded only when is full inflated by the wind. When you are too much in the direction of wind, the Spinnaker became floating against the must and you can hear the sound of sails floating in the wind. You must turn the boat until the Spinnaker is full and then you can lower it.

Why Bluetooth takes so long to connect?

iMatchRace supports Bluetooth for playing game while you are near to your friend.
Bluetooth connection can be a little slow to establish, it depends on devices. Suggestions: